Do you want to keep everything up to date but dont want to have to buy a new computer to get the latest innovations in computing?

Many of us have older computers that have been receiving updates for the version of Windows installed on them. Did you know that the Latest version of windows can now be upgraded on your computer. Changing an operation system is not for the faint of heart however as the fear of something going wrong that can render your computer inoperative. APC Doctor has been upgrading, repairing, building Microsoft based computers since 1985 and Alberta Personal Computer Ltd. was incorporated in 1998 to accommodate the flood of problems people had with the earlier windows installations. Many companies were flooding the market with cookie-cutter systems preloaded with software (sometimes counterfeit) that people would buy and subsequently have a lot of problems with. Technicians at APC Doctor were able to resolve problems and re-load difficult software for thousands of clients in the Macleod Trail location. Being the first to offer mobile repair work we quickly became a major convenience for small business owners and home based business. The convenience of booking a tech and being able to interact and oversee the work gave confidence to the clients as well as being a BBB member allowed the scrutiny of the company to be checked with a reliable factual report.  We  manufactured many new computers to the clients specifications and others were physically upgraded with newer better mainboards, video graphics for gaming and rendering CAD software for engineers. Networks were established and upgraded by going in after hours to accommodate the continued operation timeline of the company involved. Security for corporations and individuals for anti-virus , trojans, hacker attacks and remediation of problems resulting from being compromised. Yes folks we have done it all while maintaining our own integrity and the confidentiality of the customer  information.

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