Calgary is the highest populated city of the Alberta province. It is the largest city by area and the third-largest municipality in Canada. It’s surrounded by rivers and dense forestry with a mountainous terrain making it the most livable place on earth for the year 2018 and 2019. Being naturally rich and lush, Calgary is not just a city with excellent sightseeing. It also has every leisure according to modern standards to create heaven combining nature with democratic development. But to get to this status, the people of Calgary stick to one thing, the development of technology.

Technology in Calgary:

The pursuit of developing educational and practical novelties had made Calgary the dream place of most people out there. At present, Calgary is booming is the economic sector with energy, financial services, film and television, transportation and logistics, manufacturing, aerospace, health and wellness, and tourism sectors. All thanks to the information technology which is woven into the community life, business and public service in Calgary. This enthusiasm of technology in the people of Calgary has blessed it with the highest concentration of high tech workers. The city also incorporates 767 private technological companies working in the field of energy, business, banking, telecom as well as manufacture.

The Urge Of Technology In Calgary:

Calgary initiated its journey to this day as the leader in the oil and gas industry. However, after assessing the climatic conditions as a result of such industries, the authorities agreed to initiate green energy programs and shift towards nonhazardous methods. The program financed recycling facilitates, invested in renewable energy sources, as well as highlighted natural aspects to prevent the air conditioning and central heating needs in the constructional sector.

The prime organizations to support the growth and success of Calgary ecosystem include are as follow:

  • Startup Calgary:

The organization fosters the urge to innovate ecofriendly products and services through events and activities.

  • Alberta Innovates:

It acts as a support system to invent and initiate something that will benefit the state. It deals to provide expertise, funding, and research facilities to furnish the innovation

  • Innovate Calgary

It is a business incubator and innovation transfer department run by the University of Canada. It provides everything needed to transfer innovation from theory to commercialization.

  • Calgary Technologies Inc.

An advocacy firm to advise and provide expert technical support and partnership ventures to help the favorable business grow in no time.

Computer Technologies:

The Calgary was among the first place to provide computer science studies and with constant research in this field, it has revolutionized healthcare products as well as informational technology. Even now, the students can specialize in hardware analytics, game design as well as computer graphics.

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