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Computer Security and Internet Account Recovery

Now a day’s breach of privacy and data is very common, and the hackers that are doing it are selling that data which can cause great damage to someone’s personal data. Breach of computer security can lead to loss of passwords of your social media, official mails and cloud base applications. And recovering those things can be really hard and complex.

APC Doctor Services

At APC doctor in Calgary, our certified expert software technician can help our customers with there computer security and internet account recovery. If you are having problems with security breach and loss of passwords due to hacking, just pick up your phone and book an appointment. We will help your home and office secure and will recover internet accounts.

Common Types of Computer Security Threats

There are many ways a hacker can breach the security of your computer and can cause loss of access to your important mail domains. Few of the threats that are encountered and fixed by our expert technician are as follow:

  • Computer Virus
  • Spyware Threat
  • Hackers and Predators
  • Phishing
  • Injection
  • Authorization Issue


How We Deal with It

At APC doctor, our certified expert software technicians and ethical hackers offer on-site and off-site services for all your computer security threats and all recovery of internet accounts. In some extreme cases, we might need to install all the applications from the start making sure that there are no threats left behind. The following is the way threats are dealt with.

  • Installing licensed anti-virus programs
  • Installing spyware and adware to block unwanted ads
  • Configuring keylogging software for tracking activities
  • Creating and setting strict admin rules on there operating systems
  • Installing security frameworks to route data safely