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Computer Data Recovery

There are numerous reasons for your data to be lost, it could be from a human error to hardware failure depending on nature and situation. Many times, the main reason for data loss is forgetting to back up your old data like documents, photos, videos, songs. Other reasons are loss of data due to hardware failure and reason for that could be from corrupted sectors of your hard disk to mishandling of the hardware which might have caused damage to the disk inside a hard disk where all the data is stored.

Who Are We?

APC doctor is in the business of providing computer software and hardware repairing service since 1998, and are considered to be one of the best hardware and software repairing and consultant companies in the area of Calgary and Chestermere. Our wide range of service can cater for all sort of hardware and software related problems, and whether it is in Home or office, our customer can get their hardware and software issue resolved on-site or off-site. This all is possible with the help of our dedicated team of a certified technician, who are highly trained and skilled.

Our Computer Data Recovery Method

At APC doctor we have a variety of service for computer data recovery, we can help you recover your lost data at a very cheap and affordable price. Typically, there are two types of methods by which we can recover your data, and they are as follow:



If the extent of the damage on your hard disk is not internal meaning no electronic part has been damaged, then we will use different sort of paid and premium software to recover your lost or recently deleted data. Either you can visit our store in Calgary, and leave your hardware with us and we will get back to you when your data have been recovered. Keep in mind SSD and HDD are different types, and the charges also might vary depending on which hard disk you own.


  • Manual Recovery


This type of recovery is very complex depending on the type of hard disk, normal HDD hard disk contains a metallic disk inside which can be damaged and for SSD there are no moving parts in it and method for it is different.



In the case of HDD, we will open the hard disk, separate all parts to remove the disk inside safely. Then the disk is mounted on a very special device from which our certified trained technician will do the data recovery process.


In the case of SSD, an electronic part is separated from it, where all the data is stored. If that part is not burnt or damaged, then we can easily recover data otherwise will move to a more complexed method of data recovery.