APC Doctor  declares Integrity in computer repair !

APC Doctor will make repairing the device or recovering data safe, fast and with the standards of the BBB observed meanwhile your privacy is being protected.

Since 1995  APC Doctor has  recovered data, restored backups, found lost data, and repaired  operating systems. We will translate complicated computer language into simple  terms that you can understand.          No vulnerability issues from an online login to your computer is necessary.  If you are a victim because of online scams or some unknown person has hacked your online accounts. Call now for consult.

We understand your private data is important to you and pledge to preserve it and never allow it to be compromised. First order of business is to do no harm. Make backups a priority !

Trust that your privacy is of the utmost importance to us at all times. Data backups and restoration files are updated as a matter of urgency because you always need the newest version of your computer files.

We  respond very quickly so you basically need to call us first because we care (403)8609336   Ask for Ray.

Please first read our Google and BBB reviews that previous clients have posted online. Serving small business clients as well as the public allows us to be diverse to resolve a wide range of issues.

You just need further consultation for any concerns or planning your next PC or Mac ? we will be happy to help. Just questions?  Generally  texting or leaving a message with our email will generate a response later.

Remember we have integrity in computer repair. Dont compromise yourself by letting an unknown person login remotely and take over your computer.

Try us , you wont be disappointed. Call now or read the testimonials on Google and the BBB reviews for further advice.

Ask for Ray (403)8609336      APC Doctor is a registered trademark of Alberta Personal Computer Ltd. 1998

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