Many of you already know that your computer needs updated software to function properly but some of them will take a long time to install. If you us a laptop that is seldom started up you may experience very poor performance while the updates are ongoing especially large ones. The best practice is to leave the computer alone for the updates to complete or schedule the updates for when you aren’t using it. Never shut your computer off when the process is in active state as it may not boot up at all next time you use it. Call APC Doctor if it wont start before trying everything under the sun you learned from Google. Many time it is an inexpensive fix if it hasn’t been messed with already. We have many years of experience dealing with all types of problems large or small on many brands of computers so call us first!

We can speed up your old laptop as well with the addition of a solid state hard drive like the expensive computers now come with. We will simply clone your windows/programs and all of your data in one step that will transform that slow to boot sluggish performer into a quick reliable machine that has all of your stuff on it.

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