Buying a brand-new laptop is the best feeling that anyone can have. It’s fast, it runs all the programs smoothly, and it is according to what you wanted. Nothing would feel better than the lightning-fast system you bought for yourself.

    Fast forward a few years, your computer starts to slow down, programs are lagging and starting up with a delay. Programs are starting to shut down automatically, making all your hard work unsaved, which gets frustrating and annoying. These events can waste your time, depending on how your computer acts on a different program. With all these problems prevailing you ask yourself what is going on with your PC, it was running fine when you bought it but what happened to it over time?

    If you are having these problems, then APC Doctor is the best computer repair and service company in Calgary to solve all your computer related issues. The most commonly asked question by the customers in Calgary is, why is my computer slow? Are programs running slow? Programs shutting down automatically?.

    This post will help readers who are facing similar problems as mentioned above

    Overloaded Hard Drive or Old hard drive

    Before bringing your computer to APC Doctor and asking them a question like why is my computer slow? You need to know a few things about programs, how they run? And where is the data stored. Firstly make sure you are not overloading your programs, every program takes up a certain amount of space in your hard drive, the more you install, the sooner hard disk will run out of memory. Which in result can slow down your computer by a mark, to make it simple to understand assumer you have a bookshelf with only two books which you read but overtime your bookshelf fills up, and everything becomes unorganised. It will take time for you to search for a certain book. Similarly, your hard drive also works like this the more programs and data you will use the more time will it take for it to search it and open it for you.

    Insufficient RAM or need extra ram

    While you are using a program that is running on your computer, alongside it is also writing data and information which is being feeded to your random access memory (RAM). Some programs take more memory than others, depending on the sort of program you are running. If your computer is old and the program you are running has been released recently, then you would face these issue of slow programs running. Reason being the hard disk and RAM both need to work simultaneously to read and write data from the program that you might be running. In simpler terms, it means there are some simple stuff you can read and write easily like single-digit number and alphabets, but if it comes to the complex equation, even the human brain cannot perform such tasks. The more you run the heavy program, the more you hard drive will wear out over time, making it slow to read and write data. So if you are having this issue and don’t know what to change, the hard drive or simply put extra memory. Head towards our Computer Repair Store in Calgary and simply ask our expert technicians or you can consult us over the phone whether you are in Calgary or some other city we will help you anyways.

    Old Age Computers

    if your computer is old then it is advised by us to change your conventional hard drive and replace it with a solid-state drive (SSD), these hard drives do not have any moving parts inside it and work faster then all hard drive discs (HDD). The spinning disc in the hard drive constantly mover, which take a lot of wear and tear and over time can cause loss of data.

    If you are concerned about your computer slowdowns then just simply visit or call APC Doctor, you can choose from various service such as remote computer repair where we come to your place in Calgary, or you can visit our store and leave you hardware with us. Our certified technicians in Calgary will help you in any way they could to speed up your computer.