Newest version:

Introducing the newest version of Windows in September 2021 . Upgrades will be introduced through Windows updates on your computer. It will take some time to complete and there is always a risk of problems getting it to complete successfully. Back up your data to an external drive before attempting the upgrade and dont worry we are here to help if something goes wrong. Dont have patience or the time to do this yourself? Call us to schedule the work to be done for you. We can back it up and complete the upgrade usually within 24 hrs. Book through our website or just call 403-8609336 and we will be able to get the ball rolling for you !


This is the first major upgrade to the Windows format in many years as Windows 10 is now the most widely accepted desktop Operating system in the world. A whole new look and functionality Windows 11 will enhance everything you do on your computer. From tablets to desktop PCs and laptops your user experience will propel you into the future. Dont worry about losing old programs as Windows 11 is backwards compatible. There is even an evaluation wizard to help to determine if your physical device is able to be upgraded. Media and videos as well as photos and audio will all run more efficiently and faster after this upgrade. More of everything you have come to expect from Microsoft and newer versions of Defender that keeps you safer as you deal with emails and sketchy websites that may contain dangerous content .

Seamless transition:

You may remember Windows 7 as being the most dependable system as well as the Windows 10 upgrade being offered in the same way through windows updates. Windows 11 will continue to move forward to the future of gaming, communications , video conferencing and just surfing the web for new content, ideas, and material for your unique experience.