Online orders ,online shopping, complaints, scams

How does one safely engage an online store?

When you have to offer personal information to establish an account then pay with a credit card there are risks.

First before you offer any information do a google search for the company name usually found in the “about us” portion of the website. Modify the search criteria to include “complaints “ or “problems “ after the name. This will show in a list of results the reviews that others have posted to various sites online. I.e. scamadviser , trust pilot , Facebook, BBB etc.         Read the reviews and look at common complaints to get a perspective.
If possible use PayPal or a virtual visa that lessens the vulnerability of a regular credit card.
Start a conversation if possible through chat or email to determine if the item being ordered is “in stock “ or being “drop shipped “ directly from the manufacturer. Do they have a guaranteed delivery date?
Use best judgment and shop carefully for the best results.


Be safe from online scams

Online orders, shopping, complaints, scams


Online orders .complaints , shopping ,scams

Dont just sit and wait when the order isn’t confirmed but your credit card has been charged already. Reach out to the web store and request confirmation about when the item will ship ,who is the carrier and when is it expected to arrive? If you dont get answers that make sense to you call your credit card company and request a hold to be put on the payment till questions are answered, Many companies will inflate the handling costs and shipping rather than change the price of the purchase thereby making the charges more. If you are scammed in this way you can also dispute the transaction with the credit company or PayPal. If the order is received damaged or wrong merchandise you should immediately contact the company and register a complaint. Time limitations and carrier liability limits could result in your loss of compensation.