How many people think about what they would do if their computer was invaded?

Most of the clients I have listened to describe their experience as  the trouble came without warning. Suddenly they were confronted with a full screen popup that said they were a high risk of spreading viruses or computer infected with malware or even that they were under investigation by the police. They could not shut off the page or do anything else for that matter. There was a toll free number to call to fix the issue and that they needed to immediately deal with the issue or lose all their data or worse be arrested! After placing the call someone at the other end promised to help at no charge and the co-operation begins. Usually there is an instruction on how to allow someone remotely to address the issue and many times the person is saying they are from Microsoft Corporation. Sometimes they take a long time working on the “problem” and require software to be downloaded and installed. One client explained how she was asked to log into her online banking to transfer a very small fee for the fix and her screen went blank while she was typing in the amount. She later discovered that the perpetrator had transferred all of the money out of her account. After learning that she had been scammed she had to involve the police and banking authorities, cancel credit cards and deal with identity theft issues.

She called APC Doctor because she had been told she had to have a professional repair facility check her computer and determine if it is safe to use again. is and accredited repair facility that can certify compliance with bank criteria and check the computer for invasive programs that can lead to identity theft.

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