January Updates APC Doctor

Operating system maintenance.

Did you know that not all updates require a re-boot? Because many commonly called (hotfix) updates can be done on the fly there is no disruption to your use of the computer. Because large updates , ones that require a re-boot will take a few minutes after you log back in to resolve their changes  you will need to leave it alone. Try watching the red light flickering on the front of your computer till it calms down. Read more at APC Doctor January Updates.

Security programs

Make sure there is only one anti-virus and security program on your computer at once.  The conflicts between them can cause lags in performance and may seem to be infected with something.  Many of our clients have engaged us to do routine maintenance on their systems every year. Many resulted in over ten years of trouble free operation. A bonus if you are using the computer to make a living or as a monitoring device.

Best practices

Best practice is for you to allow the computer 5 minutes to finish up the changes before you start working on the system yourself. Keeping a laptop up to date is a challenge because most people turn them off when not in use. Best practice here is to schedule yourself a day minimum once every month to deal with the updates . This will keep the whole system healthy and wont interrupt your use of that device.  Updates are there to resolve existing problems  so that compatibility and  connectivity improves as the internet evolves right before our eyes.

Call the professionals at APC Doctor

Often if you make a quick call to a reputable tech company  you can prevent mistakes or misunderstandings on what the problem really is.  Call us today to discuss your computer issues so we can help you to resolve them right away.  We are a  proud A+ member of the BBB. Resulting in many years of successfully resolving problems and creating new systems or upgrading existing ones.


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